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How to: 3 Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

           I promised you in my " How to" video that I'll post all the details in English on my channel. Well, after New Year's Eve makeup, your brushes probably are quite dirty. You know that a perfect makeup needs foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, bla, bla, bla... Most of you find cleaning the brushes a difficult thing.'s not.
I can show you 3 different ways to clean the brushes in 3 different situations.

1. Extra virgin olive oil and liquid dish soap for really dirty brushes.
Believe t or not, this technique does miracles for brushes. Just think about it, a dish soap should normally clean the dishes of any bacteria or dirt. Think that you will eat using those dishes afterwards. That's what the dish soap is for. It will literally clean your brushes of any existing bacterie.
        As for the extra virgin olive oil, besides being a good moisturizer, it's also a very good makeup remover. So, it will help take all the existing makeup off your brushes.
        Take a plate and add half oil and half dish soap. Next, take every brush through the soap and oil solution and in the end cleanse them with water.

2. Hair Shampoo and Conditioner for medium dirt brushes.
This technique is very easy. All you have to do is put some shampoo and a few drops of water in a bowl and start washing the brushes. I normally use hair shampoo for my fluffy brushes when they aren't that dirty. It's really easy, it's just like washing your hair. In this situation, I like to use a hair conditioner to make them softer. In the previous situation we had olive oil for such thing, now we have the hair contitioner. Same thing, different tools.

3. Wet Wipes for travelling.
I usually apply my makeup only with brushes and when I travel I always carry a small brush kit with me. Of course, I can't stay in the hotel room to wash them as I usually do and then wait for them to dry, esspecially when I travel for 1 or 2 days. Instead of doing so I take wet wipes or makeup remover wipes with me. All you have to do is take one and start cleaning all your brushes with it.It only takes about 5 min. to do so. It's too easy, right?

         So these are 3 simple techniques to clean the brushes. Remember to always clean them out, if not everyday, than at least once or twice a week.

         The brushes that I usually use in my tutorials are from Artdeco and MAC. The quality of this brushes is amazing and I really recomand them.
         Until next time, stay pretty.Xo

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